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History online tuition, French online tuition, Literature online tuition, Geography online tuition, English online learning, Humanities online learningAnastasia

Experienced Teacher all levels (primary all subjects, GCSE Humanities, Geography, History, English language, English literature, French

Qualifications: I hold a Master’s degree in School Management and I currently do my PhD at the University of Cambridge. 


I have more than 25 years of experience as a full-time teacher. I try to build the confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm essential for success to every one of my students.  I teach primary all subjects, GCSE Humanities, Geography, History, English language, English literature and French following the English curriculum.  I started tutoring many years ago out of a passion for teaching and seeing that sparkle in students’ eyes! I started with younger ages (primary) in my homeland, Greece, and then in the UK in several boarding and summer schools, in Cambridge, York and Bristol. I strongly believe that every student has his own way to learn and we, teachers, must help him finding that way!  


Private and class teacher for over 25 years. Headteacher for 15 years and Headmistress for 6 years. Online private tutor for 3 years. I also teach in boarding summer schools in the UK.   


Computer Science online tuition, Chemistry online learning, Physics online classes, Mathematics online learningAdi

Interactive online tutor of Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics and Maths  for Common Entrance 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB and Pre-U

Qualifications: BSc. Computer Science


Struggling with tricky concepts and loosing silly marks in exams? I specialise in helping students write clear and failproof answers to gain maximum marks in exams. For each student, I have a personalised digital notebook (using Microsoft OneNote) and whiteboard where students can see me draw and use animations to explain and visualise difficult topics.

Additionally, the digital notebook will contain a variety of specific past paper questions, that can be answered at your own time outside the lesson. This level of personalisation and care for each student is the reason why my clients return to me every year when they need help.


I started tutoring first-year undergraduate students at my university, showing them how to code in Java, and eventually got in touch with Academic Tutor Online to additionally tutor in Science. Since I have graduated four years ago, I have continued to tutor some of the same students consistently, helping them overcome obstacles and figuring out weaknesses in their exam technique. 


Mathematics online learning, Business studies online teaching, Economics online classesAndrew

Experienced, understanding and patient online teacher of Mathematics, Business Studies and Economics.

Qualifications: BSc Hons Economics, Masters In Business Administration (MBA), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Cert TESOL, Advanced Certificate in Marketing. 


My aim is to give students the confidence to achieve their potential. I teach Maths, Business Studies and Economics, but more importantly I teach students! I am a native English speaker with a good understanding of the importance of language skills in all subjects.


I have been teaching in secondary schools and in higher education for over 40 years. I have taught across the age range, from young children to mature students. I have mainly worked in the UK but also taught Economics in a Canadian university and Maths in a New Zealand secondary school. 

My last full time job was in senior management at an international school where I was involved in developing Content and Language Integrated Learning across the curriculum. I am very conscious of the specific needs of students whose first language is not English. 

Most recently I have taught as a volunteer in Nepal and Rwanda, worked in international summer schools here in the UK and been involved in professional development of teachers. I tutor both face to face and through distance learning.

I currently work as a freelance software developer, allowing me to be very flexible with my tutoring time on very short notice if need be.

I am enthusiastic, patient and accommodating of students of all abilities. My motivation for every student is to learn how to break down difficult problems into smaller and more manageable tasks. Learning this skill has helped my own grades in the past, and will help you go to university with the self-confidence to handle any problem.


Mathematics online learningCharles

Online tutor of Mathematics

Qualitfications: degree in Mathematics and Physics, and a PhD in Philosophy.  


My approach to teaching is twofold.  First I try to motivate the students to believe they can succeed if they put in the necessary hard work.  For there is no getting away from it: in Maths you need to work hard if you want to succeed. Secondly, I use my experience to point the student to the most important parts of the syllabus that I know tend to get tested in the exam. Thus I help the student to prioritise and so use his time in the most effective way possible. I have experience in marking exams, which enables me to advise the student on how to revise in the most effective way possible.

My background in the philosophy of Mathematics also means that I am interested in the different ways that students learn. So I am aware that what works for one student may not work for another. I think it is important to be flexible and to adapt one’s teaching style to the student in question. Some students like to understand the principles behind the maths while others are only interested in learning how to get the right answer!     


I have worked for over ten years at two small private colleges (Abbey College Birmingham and Bosworth College, Northampton), where I taught both UK students and students from overseas.  The overseas students were very often from the Far East – China, Vietnam, Hong Kong – but also sometimes from countries as various as Russia or India.  At present I work part-time at Broadway Academy, Birmingham, teaching A level Maths.  I also work as a private tutor, including teaching online via skype.

I teach Mathematics at GCSE level, A level and Further Maths A level. I am also experience online tutor in Mathematics International Baccalaureate at both Standard and Higher level.  I am up to date with the new specifications and have taught the Statistics, the Mechanics and the Core elements of the A level courses.  I am familiar with all the major exam boards (Edexcel, AQA, OCR).  At GCSE level I have taught at both Foundation and Higher level as well as teaching various of the ‘Further’ GCSE level courses.


English online learningDebbie

English language and literature online tuition at all school levels & all exam boards. 


I love English and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with my students. 

English is a subject for all of life and is essential for academic success. I focus on each of the 4 main English skills during my lessons: reading, writing, listening for comprehension and speaking. I believe that students learn best when teachers combine their knowledge and skills with a positive learning environment. 

One of the main reasons I  enjoy online tutoring is that I am able to personalise my teaching. I am able to carefully select resources to match both the ability level and the  exam board requirements of my students. My lessons are well structured and I always keep the study goals of my students as a top priority. 

Over the years that I have been an online English tutor, I have helped many students reach their academic dreams. Their personal growth in confidence and motivation together with their exam success makes my job very rewarding. 


I have full teaching qualifications in both South Africa and the UK with over 12 years of classroom teaching experience. I have taught at some of the UK’s top private schools  and am very familiar with the high academic standards they demand. I have been a private English tutor for over 8 years and continue to prepare students for entry and exams at top schools and universities. In addition to being a specialist English teacher and personal tutor, I have a university qualification in Educational Psychology and Counselling. I have a wide range of experience in working with children who find learning challenging and who may need more personalised support. 


Physics online learning, Mathematics online classesEadie

Inspiring and engaged online tutor of Physics and Mathematics for 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, A-level and IB Diploma

Qualifications:  MPhys Master of Physics degree in Physics. During my degree I specialised in experimental physics. I undertook a research placement in the Nuclear Medicine Department at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.  My project extended the hospital’s library of 3D printed phantom tumours, used for the investigation of patient specific dosimetry for targeted radiotherapy. My results ultimately contributed to the ongoing research around this important topic at the trust.


I aim inspire an interest in science and technology in younger students. As a tutor, I build confidence and motivation to succeed in exams whilst maintaining a passion for the subject. 

Alongside tutoring, I work as a Public Engagement Officer at Jodrell Bank Observatory, home of the world’s third largest steerable radio telescope. Here, I help plan and deliver teaching sessions to students between the ages of 4-18 who arrive on site for a school trip. Therefore, I have a lot of experience in teaching and tutoring a wide variety of students. My varied employments in all different the educational roles that I have described allow me to be a well-rounded tutor, able to connect with students of all abilities and different goals.


I have worked in education in various positions. I have worked as a Junior Mentor at Space School UK, a summer school for students of Physics and Astrophysics. Here, I gave lectures and workshops all about different aspects of Astronomy and Astrophysics to large groups of GCSE and A-level students. During my University education, I undertook a teaching placement at a secondary school. I acted as a tutor for small groups of students who were struggling with their mathematics. I found my enthusiasm for tutoring here, and I am continuing to share this enthusiasm with my tutees.


Inspiring online tutor for Primary, English and SEN (Special Educational Needs)


I have 12 years teaching experience including extensive experience with EAL students and a passion for teaching students with SEN. I create a calm and encouraging environment for students where they will grow in confidence and achieve their goals. I teach Primary (all subjects) for ages 3-11, IELTS and English for Common Entrance 11+, GCSE, IGCSE. I started tutoring out of a passion forworking with students who strive to achieve their academic goals. My core ethos is to support and motivate students to grow into a confident and inquisitive learners. Seeing my students exceed their expectations and celebrating their success is my greatest reward.


I have 12 years of teaching experience in a range of subjects and settings. My passion for SEN teaching has seen me teach students across the spectrum, from students seeking to bring their level up to students on the gifted and talented stream looking for extension. I have extensive EAL teaching experience and greatly enjoy working with international students. My teaching experience has included teaching in mainstream British schools, working as a teacher on a number of international summer schools and summer university and currently working as Director of Studies at an international summer school where I have the opportunity to teach dynamic and motivated students from around the world. Over the last six years I have had the privilege of tutoring online which has allowed me to create personal teaching plans to guide my students to academic success.



Qualifications: IB Diploma Graduate, Ashbury College, Ottawa, Canada , 2nd Year Medical Student, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin


I have been a tutor throughout high school and I am currently continuing my passion for teaching by tutoring in medical school. I like to work on developing a solid foundation and a good grasp of core concepts, as well as diligence and independence. I hope to be able to teach students to see the greater picture, and to understand how their current studies can be applicable in their future lives and careers. 

Currently, I am teaching Medicine. In the past, I have also taught Math, English, and Sciences. I started teaching as a peer tutor at my high school, due to a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. Since then, I have taught at an elementary school in Peru and most recently have been a tutor in Physiology for younger students at my medical school. I enjoy being a peer tutor, because I find that having been in a similar situation to my students not long ago, I can better relate to them, and create a relaxed and open learning environment. 


I have been a tutor for over five years, and have both one-on-one and in-class experience. I am currently a second year medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Prior to medical school, I attended high school in Ottawa, Canada, where I graduated with an IB Diploma in 2018. In addition to my studies, I am also involved in several societies at my school. I am a peer reviewer for the student medical journal, I am a member of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Society and I am currently the president of the UNICEF Society. For the past two years, I have also been involved in clinical research as a summer student with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute back in Canada. 

History online learningJamie

History online tuition – all periods and specialisations. All exam boards – GCSE, A-Level, Degree.


I maintain a relaxed atmosphere during my lessons and focus on how to improve essay writing technique. I make sure students think analytically about the material they are studying and encourage them to make links across the historical period of their study. I help them develop critical faculties and teach them how to construct a strong argument using suitable evidence.


I have studied History at undergraduate and Masters level, obtaining a First Class and a Distinction respectively. I have taught English as a second language for close to a year to Chinese children and adults of all ages through the Taiwanese company Itutor Group. I have privately tutored in American history as well as Tudor England. I have examined an eclectic range of historical eras during my studies and am very familiar with popular A-Level and GCSE modules.

I am hoping to move on to a PhD in History in order to be a University lecturer.


English online learning, Chemistry online teaching, Sciences online classes, Mathematics online learningJaimie

Versatile online tutor for English, Chemistry, Sciences and online Maths tutor

Qualifications: I hold an Associate of Arts in Music and an Associate of Science in Biology from Truckee Meadows Community College


I build my students’ confidence and encourage critical thinking to create independent learners ready to overcome future obstacles.

I tutor general chemistry, math up to college pre-calculus, and English for nearly any level. I have prepped students for the SAT, ACT, and Accuplacer with demonstrable score improvements. I offer online lessons.

My tutoring methodology is based on quickly identifying areas improvement while also reducing complex subjects to their simplest components. I go by the principle of, “If you cannot explain it to a child, you don’t understand it.” As such, I make it my goal to deeply understand any material I am teaching so that I can cut through complex jargon with easy, down-to-earth explanations for my students.

My passion for creative thinking in the sciences and arts allows me to help my students discover new perspectives when facing challenges.


I have worked as a full-time tutor since 2013 at an American college, a private K-12 center with an emphasis on SAT and ACT prep, and as a personal at-home tutor. I have also taught and written curriculum for supplementary summer reading courses for grades 3 through 8. 

At Truckee Meadows Community College I was chosen to participate in lab work for a highly selective bacteriophage research initiative. Additionally, I was recognized as Outstanding Tutor of the Year for 2016-2017 by the college and U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.


Mathematics online learning, Sciences online classes, Physics online learningJohn

Experienced Mathematics and sciences online teacher (GCSE, IB, SAT Mathematics and Physics)


I am an inspired and experience private Tutor with special focus on every student’s specific needs. Based on certain weaknesses/strengths, special care is given, so that each student can gain the apropriate knoweledge and motivation, reaching their maximum potential. (GCSE, IB, SAT Mathematics and Physics)


I have a degree in mathematics and have been tutoring mathematics and sciences for the last 16 years! I have been teaching private lessons all these years to students from 12 – 18 years old. During the last 10 years I have specialized in IB, A Levels and SAT, and I have been helping students to enter prestigious European and US colleges and universities. The last 3 years I have been tutoring in a private school in Athens, Greece and at Academic Summer at Abbey College Cambridge, UK. My main purpose as a tutor is to prepare younger students build a strong background in order to be able to deal with the last demanding years of high school, as well as senior students to help them succeed in their final exams focusing on certain exam tricks and techniques.


Mathematics online learning, Chemistry online classes, Economics online learning, Physics online classes, French online learning, Biology online classesMax

Motivating online tutor of Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics up to A-Level and Physics up to AS-Level. I also teach French, Biology and Physical Education up to GCSE. All of these subjects can be taught for any exam board. 


Over the last several years, I have gained lots of experience in tutoring and teaching young students. Having very recently been through the school education system myself, I possess the skills and knowledge required to succeed in exams and any further study; an ethos which I integrate into my students.

I originally began tutoring simply from the enjoyment of passing on my knowledge to young, bright students and seeing them excel in their own personal studies. My main aim when teaching is to motivate students to work to the highest of their abilities, challenging them to try questions beyond their current level and give them the confidence to try any problems they may face, no matter how difficult they may be. This gives them the necessary skills and independence to excel in their exams and allow the student to continuously expand their knowledge, which becomes increasingly vital as you move higher and higher through the education system. 


I have several years of teaching experience, beginning firstly as a class helper for several years in my time at secondary school before moving onto online tutoring during my first year of study at university. 

I am currently a student at the University of Birmingham studying a degree in MEng Chemical Engineering with an industrial year. Within my degree programme, I have to constantly apply my knowledge of maths, physics, chemistry and economics to solve various problems and complete the challenging assignments we are set. This is a way of learning that also develops independence and initiative, which I aim to bring to my student alongside their normal studies. 


Biology online learning, Chemistry online classes, Physics online learning, Mathematics online classesNatania

Inspiring online tutoring for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

Qualifications: Medical Student at Imperial College London


During my time at University I have engaged with societies that tutor students in the UK medical examinations, UCAT and BMAT. I teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at 11+, 13+ and GCSE level and teach online Biology A-Level. I cover all exam boards and I offer online tuition.

I started tutoring after discovering a passion for helping prospective medical students with their applications to medical school. Since then I have not only engaged in tutoring younger medical students at my University but also motivated students of a younger age. I enjoy working with younger students who are bright and determined to not just learn for their examinations, but also for the love of the subject and I hope to further develop their motivation and knowledge for beyond their current examinations and into the future. 


I am currently studying Medicine at Imperial College London, with a particular interest in research.  I believe that it is vital to keep up to date with the newest discoveries, particularly when practicing evidence-based medicine in a field that is constantly evolving. 



Excellent online mathematics tutor and English online tutor 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education degree - Vancouver Island University. Certified by British Columbia Teacher Federation. Nominated for Canadian Tutor Doctor Tutor of the year


I am a k-12 certified teacher with over 4 years experience teaching which includes successfully completing teaching contracts. I currently tutor through the company tutor doctor and I have my own personal clients as well. I tutor English online at the high school and university level and math at the high school level.


My passion for teaching stems greatly from seeing the positive progress in students and knowing I have made a difference! I am committed to professional growth and development and willing to go the extra mile to provide students with a rich and meaningful educational experience. I am confident that you will find my unwavering commitment to the task at hand, excellent organisational and interpersonal skills, and diverse background in teaching and past employment will be a positive asset to tutoring. My ability to make personal connections and strong knowledge of varying subject matter has made me successful in helping students in both my classroom teaching and private tutoring.


English online learning, Maths online classes, Biology online learning, Chemistry online classes, Physics online learningRobin

Inspiring online tutor for English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics from KS2 to GCSE level (7-16 years old) for all exam boards, as well as 11+, 13+, CAT4 and IELTS preparation.

Qualifications: BSc Physics and TEFL


When I was a student I loved helping friends and family with Maths, so I started tutoring professionally after completing my Physics degree. By making lessons relaxed and personalised for students (e.g. making examples about animals if they like them!) their confidence and ability improved greatly, resulting in some very good exam results and some very happy students and parents!

I completed my TEFL in Barcelona, and since then I have taught English, Maths, Science and IT to international students at Academic Summer and Barley Lane school, and have continued tutoring students online too, which has become my main job.


I have over 14 years of experience tutoring students aged 7-18 from many different countries, and am also an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist – as well as helping people aged 7–70 to feel confident and relaxed I have also given lectures and staff training at schools (and one recruitment agency in central London) for how to feel good and achieve your personal best. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a mixture of science and helping people which I love, and it’s great to be able to help anxious or stressed students with this information too!

My experience has also confirmed that when people are relaxed and can ask questions it’s much easier to find their mistakes and correct them, and confidence and results improve significantly as a result. I carefully plan exactly the right lessons and questions for each student all the way until exams are completed, creating revision guides, methods or anything else they need, and help them to peak at just the right time for their best exam results – which make us all very happy indeed! 

By making lessons relaxed and personalised for students their confidence and ability improved greatly, resulting in some very good exam results and some very happy students and parents!


Biology online learning, Chemistry online classes, English online learning, Mathematics online classesSneha

Enthusiastic online teacher of Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics for primary and GCSE students

Qualifications: BSc Biomedical Science, Plymouth University. First Class Honors.


I acknowledge that each individual student has a unique way of learning, and therefore try to cater to their individual needs. I myself have a strong academic background, currently I have received a first class BSc(Hons) degree.  I usually tend to use various materials for tutoring such as the textbooks, powerpoint presentations and even in some cases seminars and videos that are useful and available online. I like to ask for feedback from the student and then try to adapt more to their style of learning. I also make sure that I am aware of the progress a student makes by giving them tests and record to their score to keep track of the  progress we make together. I  start the follow up lesson by reviewing what was done in the previous lesson. 


I am biomedical Science graduate from Plymouth University and currently studying Dentistry. I enjoy teaching and has had previous tutoring experience working with Einstein tutoring, providing one to one tutoring session. I have has students that range from year 7 to GCSE, and have been tutoring in various subjects such as Biology, chemistry, English and Maths.  I am a highly motivated and experienced tutor, with a background of providing private tuitions to students from diverse background. I am confident that my song desire to help students achieve their goal will go a long way in providing high quality services Academic Tutor Online students. 

Here is a testimony from one of my students who went onto studying medicine at Kings colledge London:” I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with miss and she always encouraged me to do do better that what I thought I could do. I am very gratefully to her for my exam results’ –Rhea L


primary online learning, Mathematics online classes, Chemistry online learning, Physics online classesTabby

Creative and inspiring online tutor of Primary as well as Maths, Chemistry and Physics up to GCSE level.

Qualifications: BSc Sports and Materials Science Joint Honours. PGCE in Primary Education 5-11 with mathematics specialism 


As an experienced primary teacher, I build confidence and enthusiasm through developing understanding and applying learning essential for exams as well as the wider world. 

I have a passion for motivating and engaging children through teaching that allows pupils to reach their full potential by understanding the purpose and process of their learning. Having recently qualified as a teacher, I am aware of the current needs of children and the importance of understanding the different ways that each individual learns. Through knowing this, I like to inspire children with fun, interactive and creative lessons that allow them to develop their love of learning, while also motivating them to achieve their personal best and specific goals.  By developing self esteem and independence, my ethos is to support children to meet their individual needs and prepare them for their desired future. 


Having studied Sports and Materials Science at the University of Birmingham, I discovered a way of learning through practical application of theory to real life model. With this came understanding, depth of knowledge and desire to find out more – all of which are qualities I endeavour to bring to each of my students through providing creative, practical and engaging learning experiences.  



Biology, Mathematics online tution and 11+ entrance examinations

Qualifications: Masters of Research in Clinical Sciences (MRes), Medicine (MBChB)


Science is a powerful subject that can change lives and my teaching involves learning the key concepts within the context of real life application. Everything has a purpose and I always emphasize the role each concept plays in the grander scheme of things. I’m a visual learner, therefore I teach my students using visual concepts - something which is very easy to do in Biology. I can teach across all exam boards, all I ask is motivation from my students and the rest is easy. My tutoring begins with the student setting their own goal and telling me how they learn. I then tailor lessons according to their preferred learning style. I do  set  homework and I do expect it to be completed but this is all so my students can achieve and exceed their goals, which is the best thing about being a tutor.


I’ve have been tutoring for the last 6 years, primarily in biology and maths. I’m a proud science geek and have paused my Medicine degree at the University of Liverpool to pursue a Masters of Research in Eye and Vision sciences. I am the recipient for the Wolfson scholarship for Research 2019-2020 and hope to combine a career of academia and medicine in future. I wouldn’t be where I am without some incredible teachers and I want to help my students in any way I can to set them on their journey.



Inspiring and motivating online tutor for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

Qualifications: Currently reading Medicine at Imperial College London (MBBS/BSc) and studying for a Level 4 Certificate: Education and Training equivalent qualification.


During my time at school, I was involved withtutoring and mentoring students in subjects across the board, as well as engaging with Learning Skills and Support to assist tutoring students with special learning difficulties. I am an experienced private tutorin Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics at both GCSE and A Level. I also have experience providing tuition for the UK medical school entrance examinations (UCAT and BMAT), personal statement writing and interview preparation. I cover all examination boards and offer online tuition. Having recently been through the school education system, I am well placed to guide my students through the steps required to achieve top marks. I possess the skills and knowledge, as well as the passion and enthusiasm, to inspire and motivate my students to succeed in exams and beyond. I tailor my teaching style to the individual and strive to maintain a relaxed and positive learning environment during my lessons, in order to encourage my students to engage, build up their confidence and to bring out the best in them.


I am an undergraduate student reading Medicine at Imperial College London. I have a profound interest in trauma and orthopaedics, burns and plastics and emergency medicine, and hold a strong desire to pursue a career practicing medicine in the military. I am passionate about keeping up to date with the cutting edge of scientific discovery and medical practice - a curiosity and drive that I bring to each of my students.



Motivating English, Social Studies, Business, Law, Essay Writing, Theory of Knowledge, and Mathematics online tutor (up to Grade 8 level)

Qualifications: B.A., B.Ed, LSAT 99th percentile


I have over 5 years of experience teaching subjects such as English, Social Studies, Business, Law, Essay Writing, Theory of Knowledge, and Maths. After I achieved 99th percentile on my LSAT exam, I knew that I wanted to ensure that I helped others always aspire for greatness. I am currently a full-time teacher at  Brentwood College School and am proud to be involved in a myriad of cross-curricular projects. Writing is not everything, it is the only thing. I am here to help with it.


I have five years of experience being the most dedicated tutor in Vancouver; such dedication comes not only from a mastery of content, but from a promise that I will leave my students with tangible skills they can use to better themselves long past our tutoring sessions. I will impart both confidence and cognizance to students that allow me to join them on their respective academic endeavours. My objective is to instil mastery of a subject to those I teach. While I inherently love tutoring itself, my honest goal is to ensure that my students will no longer need a tutor by the time we have completed our sessions together. Writing is a complex process I am fortunate enough to have a concise methodology that provides succinct methods of instruction. Success from my students is not only wished for, but is something I demand of myself each and every session.