Our Students


Mellissa, age 9 from China

I  started with Academic Tutor Online 3 months ago. I am preparing with my 11 plus entry exam for the UK school. I started with a talk with my tutor. The tutor has talk to both myself and my mother to find out my level. The tutor talked to my mother to ask about the target of the lessons.

I have then started 2 hours of lesson each day. 1 hour for the English, including grammar, speaking, listening and writing skills. Then 1 hour for Maths and Science. Tailor made for the 11 plus examination. I am in China and the tutors are in the UK. But they are very flexible to make sure I will finish my lesson before 6 pm China time so I could have my dinner.

I have been given homework every day, and teachers will mark my work and give me feedback. I am very happy, and I think I have improved a lot since I have started my lesson with Academic Tutor Online.


Luke, age 15 from the UK

I am currently studying Year 10 in one of the top UK boarding school. I started my online tutoring lessons with Academic Tutor Online about 3 years ago. I was studying in another UK boarding school at that time and was planning to apply to my current school for Year 9 entry exams. Academic Tutor has worked with me for the exam’s entry including Oxford English test, Maths, Science and Interview skills. After 2 rounds of exams and an interview I am now in the boarding school that I have dreamt of.  The tutors have been very supportive and encouraging at all time. 

I am now in Year 10, but I am still having lessons with Academic Tutor Online for the extra support of my Maths, Science, Spanish and German. Is amazing that Academic Tutor Online could provide all the different subjects for me.


Priscilla, age 18 from the UK

I am currently in Year 13. I  started my online tutorial lessons with Academic Tutor Online in year 11. I was doing a one-year IGCSE course in year 11. Academic Tutor Online has worked with me during IGCSE exams in chemistry and biology and has helped me improve my chemistry grades from E to my final grade A. Academic Tutor Online not only helped me with my science knowledge but also my exam techniques. After year 11, I am still having lesson with Academic Tutor online for my A Levels in maths, chemistry and biology.  I also had a couple lessons and mock interviews for my university interview.  I , got a reduced offer from Keele University because of my performance in the interview, I was so happy! I really appreciate how supportive the tutors are, not only do they care about the academics but also, they have given me a lot of advice on my university choices and my future careers. It has been really amazing that Academic Tutor Online could provide support in every aspect of my study.


Giaocomo, age 18 from Italy

When I started my lessons with Academic Tutor Online last year I was studying towards my IB diploma in the UK .  My agent told me about Academic Tutor.  At the beginning I started lessons in chemistry then extended to biology as well. I am so happy that I could have the same tutor who could teach both chemistry and biology at the same time. It allowed me to swap subject within the same scheduled lesson.  I have found chemistry very challenging but it has been good for me and what I needed.


Candice, age 19 from Taiwan

I started studying with Academic Tutor Online about 18 months ago. At that time I was studying both  A-level and BTech  I was really struggling with my coursework in BTech Business Studies. I had no previous experience of how to write this type of coursework from Taiwan. The support from the school was not enough and I was  really struggling. My guardian at that time introduced me to Academic Tutor Online. My tutor  helped me a lot and has shown me what coursework supposed to be like, helping me  to improve the content and  producing high quality work. I achieved a distinction in my BTech Business and got into the university that I wanted to go to. Academic Tutor Online not only helped me to achieve the grades that I needed, but also helped me develop the skills that I needed to be successful at  university.


Jonathan, age: 19 from Indonesia

I am a student with learning difficultly. I have always had a problem with learning in school. I was particularly struggling with my Maths so my mother arranged for to have some online tuition. Academic Tutor Online matched me with a tutor who understanding me and  my learning difficulty well. It is so nice to have a teacher  that understands me. I have a regular routine of lessons with my tutor and I studied with him all the way through my A-levels.  I achieved the grade that both my parent and I am proud of myself.


Lori, age 11 from China

My mother has told me that I am going to study in the UK. She has then arranged me to have the online lesson to prepare for the entry exams last year. I was a little scare at the beginning because my English was not very good. But I have 2 very good teachers. They are very nice to me. I have been learning 11+ exam, interview skills with them. I have passed my exams and have an offer to start study in the UK from September this year. I am continuing my lessons with my tutors; I want to build up my foundation and to make sure I will have a smooth transaction from my school in China to the school in the UK.