Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Academic Tutor Online has experienced and supportive students ready to support you in all science subjects including biology, chemistry and physics at GCSE, A Level and IB level. You will be matched with an experienced online tutor who will work with you to target the areas you need support in to quickly build up your subject knowledge, confidence and exam skill. During your online lessons with your science tutor you will focus on understanding the content, scientific language and specific style of answer examiners are looking for. Whether you are studying GCSE combined science or are a focussed A level student preparing to study at a higher level your tutor has the experience and drive to help you achieve your science learning goals. Areas of study can include:



  • physics and maths
  • energy
  • electricity
  • atomic matter
  • forces
  • particles and radiation
  • fields and their consequences
  • nuclear physics
  • astrophysics



  • inorganic chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • atomic structure
  • bonding and structure
  • quantitative chemistry
  • energy changes



  • biological molecules
  • cell biology
  • genetics and biodiversity
  • energy transfers in organisms
  • genetics
  • ecosystems
  • organisation
  • bioenergetics
  • homeostasis and response


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