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With over 20 years of experience, Academic Tutor Online has been helping students achieve the skills and knowledge they need for academic success.  We are a team of individuals dedicated to education. Matching students with experienced, well-trained teachers who will relate to their tutee and understand their needs is our top priority. 


The Academic Tutor Online team are all lifelong learners, from our founders through to our administrative staff and so we truly understand the importance of constant learning and development.  Through our tutors, we seek to inspire students to acquire winning habits: working every day, tackling tasks in small bites and asking questions. Our passion and energy encourages our students  to develop consistent performance.


We are proud to say time and again that we satisfy the high expectations of parents. Across the organisation we employ staff who invest effort, time and dedication in each and every student.  Parents can feel confident that their child will receive the highest standard of personalised teaching, pastoral care and personal development. Pre-determined goals and successful learning outcome will be met.  All concerns and issues will be addressed head on - nothing is too big, small or irrelevant.  We are easy to contact and always ready to listen.

Tutors & Students

Experience & Dedication

Our tutors are experienced, well-trained teachers who relate to their tutees and understand their needs. We have an unrivalled dedication to developing young people and enabling them to achieve their goals.  Whether they need help with revision to pass an exam, ongoing support in a particular subject,  or want to improve their subject knowledge level we can ensure every student gets exactly the help they need.


I have more than 25 years of experience. I try to build the confidence and motivation essential for success to every one of my students. I teach primary, GCSE Humanities, Geography, History, English and French following the English curriculum. I started tutoring many years ago out of a passion for teaching and seeing that sparkle in students’ eyes!


I teach English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics from KS2 to GCSE level. I have over 14 years of experience tutoring students aged 7-18 from many different countries. By making lessons relaxed and personalised for students their confidence and ability improved greatly, resulting in some very good exam results and some very happy students and parents!


I love English and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with my students. English is a subject for all of life and is essential for academic success. I believe that students learn best when teachers combine their knowledge and skills with a positive learning environment.



I teach Mathematics, Science and Economics. My main aim when teaching is to motivate students to work to the highest of their abilities, challenging them to try questions beyond their current level and give them the confidence to try any problems they may face, no matter how difficult they may be.


I teach Mathematics at GCSE, A level and IB level. First, I try to motivate the students to believe they can succeed if they put in the necessary hard work. Secondly, I use my experience to point the student to the most important parts of the syllabus that I know tend to get tested in the exam.  I have experience in marking exams, which enables me to advise the student on how to revise in the most effective way possible.


I am medical student at Imperial College London. During my time at University I have engaged with societies that tutor students in the UK medical examinations, UKCAT and BMAT. I teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. I started tutoring after discovering a passion for helping prospective medical students with their applications to medical school.


I love teaching History. I maintain a relaxed atmosphere during my lessons and focus on how to improve essay writing technique. I make sure students think analytically and encourage them to make links across the historical period of their study. I help them develop critical faculties and teach them how to construct a strong argument using suitable evidence.



I have several years of experience as a tutor, working with students from across the world and here in the UK. My aim is to bring a logical and consistent approach to tutoring, providing my students with a framework that allows them to achieve their potential.

It is my belief that students should be encouraged to continuously ask questions, and that fostering this curiosity is what spurs them onto greater heights - both in their examinations and as a life skill for the world beyond the classroom!

I offer online tuition in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and English - working with a range of ages: from primary education, all the way to pre-University. I cover all UK exam boards and have supported students through IB examinations as well.

I use a range of tools in the classroom, as the nature of online tutoring allows highly interactive sessions, with a mixture of multimedia, written work, and even virtual practical experiments. This work in the lessons contributes to an online whiteboard which the students can access outside of class in order to review and cement their understanding. This notebook provides an invaluable tool when it comes to revision (as well as allowing me to keep an eye on the students’ homework).


Studying undergraduate medicine allowed me to work with a wide range of professionals with an even wider range of teaching styles; as a result, I have developed my own unique teaching style based on open communication. I strongly believe that students need to feel comfortable in their learning and that the fear of being able to say “I don’t know” stops further understanding in its tracks. When students are able to approach me with their questions, it provides the best possible insight into how they study and learn - which I can then use to tailor my lessons to their individual needs.

I have taught with Academic Summer for several years, with experience teaching at the summer courses in London and Cambridge, covering a wide variety of subjects and levels. While my main passion is the sciences, I also have a keen interest in computing and offer tuition in Computer Science, ICT and multiple programming languages. When I’m not tutoring, I can usually be found attempting to put together an electronics project - an area of study where I get to push my own boundaries.

Luke, age 15, UK

I am Luke, I am currently studying Year 10 in one of the top UK boarding school. I have started my online tutoring lessons with Academic Tutor Online about 3 years ago. I was studying in another UK boarding school at that time and was planning to apply to my current school for Year 9 entry exams. Academic Tutor Online has worked with me for the exam’s entry including Oxford English test, Maths, Science and Interview skills. After 2 rounds of exams and an interview I am now in the boarding school that I have dreamt of.

Melissa, age 9, China

I  started with Academic Tutor Online 3 months ago. I am preparing with my 11 plus entry exam for the UK school. I started with a talk with my tutor. The tutor has talk to both myself and my mother to find out my level. The tutor talked to my mother to ask about the target of the lessons. I  then started 2 hours of lesson each day:  1 hour for English, including grammar, speaking, listening and writing skills, then 1 hour for Maths and Science.  Everything I do is geared towards the 11 plus exam.

Priscilla, age 18, UK

I  started my online tutorial lessons with Academic Tutor Online in year 11. I was doing a one-year IGCSE course in year 11. Academic Tutor Online has worked with me during IGCSE exams in chemistry and biology and has helped me improve my chemistry grades from E to my final grade A. Academic Tutor Online not only helped me with my science knowledge but also my exam techniques. Now in year 13, I am still having online classes for my A Levels in maths, chemistry and biology.

Giacomo, age 18, Italy

I started my online learning with Academic Tutor Online last year, when I was studying towards my IB diploma in the UK. At the beginning I started lessons in chemistry then extended to biology as well. I am so happy that I could have the same tutor who could teach both chemistry and biology at the same time. It allowed me to swap subject within the same scheduled lesson. I have found chemistry very challenging but it has been good for me and what I needed. 


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