Psychology & Sociology

Psychology brings together science and humanities, requiring students to handle statistics and scientific research along with holding a strong understanding of human development, relations and communication. Your online classes will focus on bringing these two areas of study together in order to be a well-rounded student and to achieve the best results you can. Your online tutor will work with you to focus your area of research for coursework, establish excellent exam skills so that you feel confident with both the syllabus and the very specific exam criteria. Areas of study can include

  • biological approach to understanding behaviour
  • sociocultural approach to understanding behaviour
  • cognitive approach to understanding behaviour
  • developmental psychology
  • abnormal psychology
  • approaches to research
  • memory
  • psychopathology
  • research methods


Sociology students are required to think critically and independently and make assessments of the changing world, its people and society as a whole. Students seeking an online GCSE tutor or online A level tutor for sociology will be matched with an experienced and passionate tutor who will work with them on developing these skills and preparing for their exams. These online lessons are personalised to each student's level of knowledge and confidence as a critical, independent thinker and communicator and will help you to feel confident making informed assessments in your written work and exams. Your online tutor will challenge you so that you are secure in your ability to interpret research, draw on information from areas of learning such as politics, history and economics and to communicate your ideas cohesively. Areas of study can include

  • social, economic and political issues
  • understanding contemporary social issues
  • understanding and evaluating key sociological theories
  • evaluating sociological research
  • crime and deviance
  • social stratification
  • sociological research methods
  • families
  • social structure and social processes


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